Enjoying Life

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalms 118:24

I think a lot of us are living under the false belief that if we are not striving, struggling, sacrificing, or suffering in some way; we are not truly serving God.  Although there may be times of striving, of struggling, of sacrificing, and even of suffering, these things are not what God has for us overall.  Jesus came to give us abundant life full of love and peace and joy.  He told us not to worry about tomorrow and to be anxious for nothing.  His only commandment was LOVE: love God with all you are and love each other.

God gave us life and dominion over the earth not so that we could walk around moping, but so that we could enjoy all the beauty of His creation and the blessings He provided for us.  Yeah we screwed up, sin entered the world, and things got harder; but then He sent Jesus to redeem us and to give us victory over sin and sickness and all the things that were brought about due to the fall.  If we truly accept that victory and walk in the Spirit, we will be full of joy.  Jesus endured the cross for the joy set before Him.  He bought that joy for all of us who believe.

God will give us things to do from time to time, but one of the most important things we as Christians can do is just be happy.  We are the example to the world of Christ.  People will either be drawn towards Christ or away from Him because of our behavior and way of being.  No one is going to be drawn to Christ by miserable, judgmental, stressed out Christians.  However if we are peaceful and happy, loving, kind, and gentle (which happens when we are walking in the Spirit); then people will want to be like us and they will see Christ as someone they may want to hang out with.

God gave us life and redemption so that we can enjoy it.  We don’t always have to go around finding someone hungry to feed or naked to clothe or captive to be set free.  Yes we will do those things when the opportunity arises, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rest in God and enjoy the life and blessings He gave us because there is a hungry orphan out there somewhere.  God made balance in everything.  I think He gets just as upset with people who do too much as He does with people who do nothing.  More important than anything else we do, is spending time with God, loving Him, appreciating Him, and enjoying the beautiful life He has provided for us.

So let us rejoice in this day that the Lord has made.  Let us bask in His love and beauty.  Let us appreciate the abundant life He has given us and not feel bad about feeling good when there is someone out there crying somewhere.  I say this to myself, as I have a hard time accepting how blessed I am sometimes, when I know there are others out there in need.  However I have cried many tears, endured many trials, and suffered much pain; and I will probably do so again, so right now when I am in the midst of blessing and peace, my job is to rejoice and appreciate God’s goodness.  In enjoying life I am being a living testimony of God’s grace and love and I am showing God my gratitude to Him for all He has done.

And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.  Ecclesiastes 3:13


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2 Responses to Enjoying Life

  1. Mary T says:

    Hi Erica! Your post goes right along with having a thankful heart! The past couple of weeks were filled with God speaking this to my heart! When we are focused on Him, who loves us and provides His love in abundance, we must give glory to Him for all the goodness we can enjoy and cherish! A thankful heart is a happy heart in good times and struggles or challenges! As always, you bring a smile to my heart! Hope all is well! Sorry if I didn’t respond to your last email, but know that you and Ian are always in my prayers! Take care! Love, Mary :)

  2. Frank T. F. Coffey says:

    Excellent, my dear darling daughter! I read it! Yes, yes, yes. I think of the rest that is described in Hebrews. It describes is an ongoing continuous resting (mentioned as sabbath) in God. And I think about what Jesus said about in this world we will have tribulation, but CHEER UP for he has overcome the world!

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